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Future World History Trilogy
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The California Experiment

The China Strategy
The Eternity Gene
McBain's Redemption
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About The Books

Future World History

The year is 3504. Realizing schools no longer taught history, and discovering that his children were completely ignorant of the incredible history of the Earth, the author takes it upon himself to enlighten them by writing about the history of Earth from the early 21st century to the year 2500. During that period, the people of Earth experienced revolutionary changes in every facet of their lives. They eliminated their need for fossil fuels, cured almost every disease, formed a world government, and developed the ability to travel to other solar systems. All these changes can be traced back to a single invention created in 2024. Book 1 covers the first 100 years of this incredible story.

Book 2 starts with exploration of Procolt 2, an Earth-like planet 27 light years distant. There, the explorers discover the first non-humanoid intelligent beings in the galaxy. The relationship with these beings enables Earth to become the most powerful member in an interplanetary trade association in less than 15 years. During this period the couple who were in charge of the mission to Procolt 2 decide to stay there. They start by building a resort, which becomes very successful, and attracted visitors from other planets in the trade association. As the word spreads about Procolt 2, the population grows. But, not everyone is pleased with the success of the planet. The book ends with a terrorist attack on the resort.

In the final book in the series, we find out how the terrorist attack on Procolt 2 was thwarted, and how the scientists and engineers from Procolt 2 save the lives of millions of people on Earth. We also learn about the oldest known civilization in our galaxy and discover how they managed the development of all humanoid civilizations, including Earth.  

Frank Carver Mysteries

Both Frank Carver books contain short stories and each story is its own mystery. The main characters in the stories remain the same. So, as you continue reading you get to learn more about them. Each story contains a bit of science fiction or fantasy. Below is a synopsis of Backfire, the first Frank Carver mystery.

Frank Carver has been a member of the Norfolk County police department for six years. Prior to joining the police department, he worked in Army Intelligence. He has just been promoted, and now he is their only homicide detective. Before he starts in his new position, he takes some of his unused vacation time. While he is gone, two bodies have mysteriously appeared in locked motel rooms. The day he returns from vacation, a third body is found. The case is perplexing, but there are some similarities that all of the victims share; they were all males; they were all naked; and each victim was missing a part of their body. Additionally, no clothing or other personal items were found in any of the rooms. This case is unlike anything Frank has ever worked on, or even heard about. It will take skill, logic, and little luck to solve it.

The California Experiment

The democrats have just lost their second presidential election in a row, and the republicans now control the House and Senate. Unable to control his rage, a California billionaire, who has control of the California legislature, decides it is time for California to leave the United States and become an independent country. He makes it happen, but despite all his plans for the future of California, he doesn't manage to create the utopia he expected. 

The China Strategy

The next presidential election was only months away, and the minority party was determined to regain power at any cost. Four of the most influential members of that party were approached by the head of the Chinese Biological Warfare group. He assured them if they assisted him with his plan to unleash a new virus in the United States, he would provide them with the tools they needed to topple the current administration. They initially agreed, but quickly discovered when you make a deal with the devil, you’re going to get burned.


Someone is giving out free samples of a new drug at college campuses all over the United States. The drug causes the user to experience intensely erotic dreams and is highly addictive. It can be deadly to a small number of users too.  The situation is confusing and the authorities can’t figure out the motive behind the distribution.

Frank Carver’s team is assigned the task of halting the distribution of the drug, but by that time thousands of students have already become addicted, and many have died. Frank’s team completes their assignment, but that does nothing to resolve the situation created by the drug.

About The Books



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Short Stories

Over the years I have written many short stories. I will add new ones regularly, and if you like my Facebook page you will be informed every time I add a new one. I hope you enjoy them all.

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